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For immediate release, March 12, 2002

Web-based MSDSs Provide Easy Access to HazMat Safety Information

A new study by Donley Technology (Colonial Beach, VA) shows a 77% increase over the past two years in the number of Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) software systems that employ web technologies. The majority (66%) will now run on the Internet and 44% of the developers offer MSDS software as a web-based service or ASP (Application Service Provider).

"The need for easily accessible and up-to-date safety information on hazardous materials is more important than ever, especially with heightened concerns over the potential for terrorist attacks with chemical weapons," says Elizabeth Donley, industry analyst and president of Donley Technology. "In the past, most companies relied on file cabinets stuffed with paper MSDSs. But as more chemical suppliers offer electronic alternatives, interest in online retrieval is growing rapidly. In fact, 60% of the MSDS software developers now offer a web-based alternative. And we expect the growth in electronic distribution of MSDSs to continue, particularly in light of public fears over the safety of the US mail."

The trend toward electronic MSDSs is also changing the way companies are gathering and storing chemical safety information. For example, 79% of the MSDS software products now support scanning of paper MSDSs to enter the data into the system. And 64% can now retrieve MSDSs via the Internet in a variety of formats.

The results of the Donley Technology study are available in the fifth edition of the MSDS Software Report. This 690-page electronic report presents detailed profiles of the 70 systems for MSDS authoring, management, and distribution and includes 48 comparison tables to help you select the best system for your needs. It helps you compare such features as data entry options, MSDS formats, search and retrieval options, chemical inventory tracking, regulatory compliance support, reporting options, and much more. The report also describes how the various products can be customized to meet your needs. It covers hardware/software requirements, price, and much more.

The MSDS Software Report is available in HTML or as a PDF file for $339 by calling Donley Technology at (804) 224-9427. For more information or to order on the web, check

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