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Interest in chemical safety compliance and training software at an all-time high

Demand for environmental, health and safety (EH&S) software is still strong, according to a worldwide study of 150,000 Internet users by Donley Technology.  The study found a maturing industry, with strong market interest in chemical safety information, training, and OSHA compliance software. "The interest in EH&S software and databases continues to grow," said Elizabeth Donley, industry analyst and President of Donley Technology. "But despite the availability of several thousand EH&S software products, the market is still not getting what it needs. Many software developers have been slow to respond to changing regulatory requirements and have failed to recognize how technological advances, such as growing reliance on the Internet, influence market expectations."

"While investors have become skeptical of the "dot com" industry, EH&S managers are increasingly turning to the Internet as a vehicle for sharing information and hosting applications." She added. "But the EH&S software industry has been slow to respond to this interest, forcing some of the larger companies to turn to custom web-based solutions."

The results of the study can be purchased in the report "Untapped Markets for  Environmental, Health & Safety Software 2002." The report helps developers of  EH&S software focus their product development and marketing efforts.

Donley Technology is a privately-held, small business founded in 1988 to report on the EH&S software industry. The company provides information on resources and market trends through its online newsletter, the EH&S Software News, in-depth reports, and consulting services. Donley Technology also sponsors the web sites and The company's home page address is

Study Methodology
The study was based on the interests of 150,000 visitors to and EHSfreeware  is a virtual library of more than 900 software packages, databases, and  interactive resources relating to the environment, health and safety. EHSsoftserve is a companion site that covers commercial products. Because of the popularity of these two resources, the study includes representatives from Fortune 500 and small companies alike, military installations, Department of Energy facilities, state and municipal government agencies, and more than 100 countries.

Untapped Markets for Environmental, Health & Safety Software 2002 is distributed electronically in Adobe PDF format for $1500 by calling Donley Technology at (804) 224-9427. For more information or to order on the web, check

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