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The Internet Simplifies EH&S Management

A new study by Donley Technology (Colonial Beach, VA) shows that the number of environmental, health and safety (EH&S) management information systems (EMISs) that employ web technologies has doubled in the past three years. The majority (77%) of the most comprehensive, multimedia compliance systems will now run on the Internet and 69% of the developers claim to offer software as a web-based service or ASP (Application Service Provider).

"Over the past decade, software-based management information systems have evolved into powerful solutions for managing complex environmental, health and safety (EH&S) programs at industrial facilities," says Elizabeth Donley, industry analyst and president of Donley Technology. "For many software developers, the Internet has created new ways of thinking about EH&S information management, with web-based data management offering simple solutions to the most complex problems of EMIS implementation. They see a future in which software compatibility problems are a thing of the past; in which data can be shared with anyone, anywhere; with no special software and the most basic hardware. And this vision of the future is more than a dream; it's already happening."

The influence of the Internet is also reflected in the computer languages and databases used for development. The study shows that the Internet-based language, Java, has joined C++ and Visual Basic as one of the most common languages. Oracle continues to be the most frequently used database in EMISs, a reflection of its use among businesses. But the web-friendly SQL Server/SQL is growing in popularity.

The results of the Donley Technology study – including detailed profiles of the 26 most comprehensive EH&S management information systems and 41 comparison tables to help you select the best system for your needs – are available in the fourth edition of the EH&S Management Information Systems Report. The 347-page report helps you compare such features as data entry options, chemical inventory tracking, regulatory compliance support, reporting options, business functions, and EH&S management features. It covers such topics as hazardous/solid waste, remediation, air quality, water/wastewater, emergency response, site mapping, process management, occupational safety, and industrial hygiene management. The report also describes how the various packages can be customized to meet your needs. It covers hardware/software requirements, price, and much more.

The EH&S Management Information Systems Report, available in HTML or as a PDF file, costs $299 and is available by calling Donley Technology at (804) 224-9427. For more information or to order on the web, check

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