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EH&S Management Information Systems Address More Business Needs

COLONIAL BEACH, VA (June 18, 2007). Donley Technology (Colonial Beach, VA) recently published a new study of environmental, health and safety (EH&S) management information systems. The report describes a maturing industry characterized by products that are more comprehensive, make compliance easier, and focus more on business needs. The study explores the 23 most comprehensive systems available for EH&S regulatory compliance, selected from more than 4,000 EH&S software products.

"Over the past two decades, EH&S management has gradually become a legitimate business function and EH&S data are now more important than ever to the day-to-day operation of an industrial facility," says Elizabeth Donley, industry analyst and president of Donley Technology. "As a result, the EH&S management information system in 2007 is more likely to communicate with other company information systems. For example, the more comprehensive systems now tie purchasing activities with EH&S management functions — such as waste minimization — and link to inventory records to help provide information about chemicals on hand and to eliminate redundant data entry. Linking to an enterprise resource planning system, such as SAP or Oracle, is also becoming more important and is available in most of these systems."

The results of the Donley Technology study are available in the sixth edition of the EH&S Management Information Systems Report. This 418-page electronic report presents detailed profiles of the 23 most comprehensive systems for environmental, health and safety regulatory compliance. Most of the developers of these comprehensive systems are based in the US, but the Report includes products offered by companies with headquarters in Canada, Australia, Germany, and India.

The Report also contains more than 100 pages of tables comparing system features and describes the latest advances in EH&S data management. Other features include an analysis of trends in comprehensive systems for environmental, health and safety management; questions you should ask about Software as a Service (SaaS); a guide to disaster recovery; and a guide for selecting the right system to meet your needs.

The EH&S Management Information Systems Report is delivered via the Web in HTML or PDF format. It is available for $389 by calling Donley Technology at (804) 224-9427.

Donley Technology has been analyzing and reporting on the EH&S software industry and market since 1988. The company is a clearinghouse for EH&S software information, with records on more than 4,000 software packages, databases, and on-line systems. Donley Technology's publications and consulting services deliver objective, accurate information to EH&S and IT professionals who use, buy, develop, or market EH&S software.

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